Judy’s felt Naughties are inspired by the love of the comic and the slightly risquee. Her feelings are that life can be all too serious and we all need a good giggle. “I love the curves and crevices that come to pass in ladies of a certain size and I celebrate the fuller figure, including my own!” Each naughty character is needle felted (or dry felted) from Norwegian wool using a barbed felting needle….a magical process that allows you to sculpt with wool fibres to create any shape. A needle felted pet or familiar accompanies each lady to her new home to help her settle in. As you can see, her ladies take on a life of there own as soon as they are complete. Judy has been a designer and crafts addict all her life and has had the fortune to spend her time in a creative haze meeting lovely like-mided people along the way. She hopes you enjoy meeting her flock! Judy is based in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

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