Jen first remembers drawing animals on her bedroom wall with a biro around the age of two. Drawing was something that came naturally and easily to her and born with an obsession with animals and particularly horses, drew them constantly.  The other great love in her life were the family holidays in Crail and she spent every hour possible outside on the beach mesmerised with sea life. She spent four years studying fine art at the Glasgow School of Art.  She says:

I have secretly always loved landscape painting… the format permits a full focus on formal aesthetics and a considerable amount of abstraction and mark making.  The visual world is to me is that sea of rhythms, energies, mathematics and proportions. “

It is this same energy in the land and the resulting forms that inspires her.  The mathematical proportions are there, the fractal influences and balances of colour and weight, the golden mean.  Precise colour is very important, how it energises and reacts with other colours and the power to convey a specific time and place. These mathematical laws underpin and structure our physical world as we perceive it and recording this close observation of hue and light is what excites me and drives me to convey this emotion to others through paint.

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